Wall mounted Front Loading Washing Machine

Mini Wall-mounted washing machine

Saving space, Suitable for RVs and other small rooms;

Drying Function;High Temperature Sterilization ;

Take care of baby clothes, Suitable for housewives, families.

Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Top Loader, Fully Automatic! Protection Mechanism!220V/240V/12V; 360°Corner Cleaning and Spining; 15 Minutes’ Quick Wash ; Simulate the Process of Hand Washing!

Suitable for RVs, Dormitory, etc. 

Mini Portable Car Freezer Refrigerator

Reach 0°C in 15 minutes;

Independent temperature control for freezing and refrigeration zones; Suitable for hotels, bachelor apartments, RVs;

50W low energy consumption.


Maggiosole was founded to focus on design, production, sales and service, we are excellent global supplier of integrated electric appliance. Our products include mini top loading washing machines, mini front loading washing machines, refrigerators and so on. Especially the mini washing machines lead the domestic market share in the mini washing machine field.

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